Join Telium.

Telium is a pioneer in monetising mobile tower leases. Join the Telium network for a unique opportunity to conquer new markets and increase your income. We will provide you with a qualified database so you can focus entirely on research and support for your clients.

Telium is the first European property company specialising in purchasing mobile tower leases. Telium is currently building a network of independent sales agents to speed up its mobile tower lease purchasing programme.

Join the Telium network.

In a growing market created with the help of Telium, there are a huge number of opportunities for sales agents to join the Telium team.

Our sales agents must have an in-depth knowledge of their region or area and be comfortable carrying out marketing actions to enquire about potential sales with owners. This approach is largely facilitated by the fact that, apart from Telium, there are no other buyers looking into purchasing this type of property.

An exclusive territory.

Once your application has been accepted, as a commercial real estate agent within the Telium network, you will benefit from exclusivity in a given territory. You will be able to prospect mobile tower lease owners by accessing our detailed and qualified online database.

Attractive variable compensation

Our sales agents work on a commission basis and must be able to generate commissions between €20,000 and €50,000 per year. This will be based on a procurement plan that is put into place with Telium’s commercial department.

Real estate sales agent duties as a member of the Telium network

As a real estate sales agent working as part of the Telium network, your main duties will be:

– prospecting and holding meetings with prospects from our database;

– representing Telium in negotiations with owners until the final sale; and

– following all administrative and commercial procedures required to finish a sale.

Telium will provide you with logistical support (business cards, brochures, access to the qualified database) to help you in your efforts.

How to join Telium.

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of your region or area, good experience in real estate and are able to sell?

Apply now to join our network. Send your application (preferably along with a copy of your CV) to

Once you have been accepted, Telium will provide you with all the relevant technical and sales training free of charge.